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With Neurodiversity in Mind

Understanding Neurodiversity

Develop your awareness and understanding of neurodiversity with training, consultancy and support. 

Supporting Organisations

Let us support you to recruit and develop unique talent for the future of your business with our neurodiversity and change management consultancy services. 

Supporting Individuals

Find out how you can thrive at work or self employment with support, coaching and training always with neurodiversity in focus.

What we Do

Help you and your team understand Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Work with partners to deliver support individuals in the workplace 

Support you to implement change that makes a difference 

Why Neurodiversity Matters now 

We are all NEURODIVERSE. We all have different ways in which we think, act, communication and interact with the world around us.

Neurodiversity is the diversity of human minds and should be celebrated in the workplace. 

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace can bring with it amazing benefits: different perspectives to problem solving; questioning norms and challenging us to rethink and not “look in the same direction”; increased productivity and at it’s most powerful, leverage of every employee’s talents. 

Many successful organisations recognise the importance of neurodiversity at work including SAP, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Hewlett Packard.

Recognising the value of neurodiversity doesn’t have to be limited to those big corporate organisations. 


We believe in action so we work with others to create Inclusive Change across a range of projects


We know success is greater when you collaborate so we work with a range of partners


We are passionate about what we do. Using our knowledge, skills and experience we are ambitious about making a difference

I just wanted to say that the webinar was fantastic – really interesting, very clearly presented and so helpful for me as an autistic adult. Thank you so much.

We had some very positive feedback along with commitments to try some of the techniques and strategies discussed. I was particularly pleased that so many people chose to share their experiences with the group in a very open manner and I’m sure that reflects on the way you ran the session and the trust that was able to develop within the group.

I am amazed at how much I learnt about myself. I have never had an adult stand in front of me and validate my own experience of the world before!

it makes a huge difference to your self-esteem to identify as a successful neurodiverse person, as opposed to a failing neurotypical person! 

How can we help


Bespoke training for your organisation - from introduction to neurodiversity to full implementing change management strategy


Coaching, training and support for individuals in work or seeking work


Online training with partner organisations on topics such as anxiety or coping with change


Coaching, training & Support for families and carers

“I founded Inclusive Change in 2020 after a number of life changing experiences. One thing I have learnt is that making a difference doesn’t just lie with me, it happens because all of people who believe change can happen. Making a difference is about people making change happen. No amount of programmes and strategies or missions will matter unless we embrace change and take action together.”

— Lucy Smith, Founder & Director: Inclusive Change Ltd