Increasing awareness of Neurodiversity

Only 1 in 10 organisations have a neurodiversity policy. 

Lack of awareness and understanding should not impact on your ability to support your team or recruit diverse talent. 

Why Neurodiversity matters

Our introduction to Neurodiversity sessions are a great way to start the conversation without judgement 

Awareness & Understanding 

Whether you are just starting out or want to explore more about Neurodiversity and specific topics we can provide training for you and your teams 

Change Management

Implementing a Neurodiversity strategy can benefit from change management planning. We know a lot about change, how it affects you, your teams and your organisation 

“Embracing Neurodiversity in an organisation isn’t an overnight change. Our team can help you understand what you need to do to make change happen. Learning from experts with lived experience is a vital part of that

- Lucy Smith, Founder & Director, Inclusive Change