About Us

Inclusive Change is at it’s heart a purpose led organisation. Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity so that future generations are able to thrive at work. 

Leading Inclusive Change is Lucy Smith who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to build Inclusive Change as an organisation that is ambitious about change and making a difference. 

Lucy is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to create change that makes a difference, always with a view to the future of work. 

Lucy has experience of working with senior leaders in public service, higher education and voluntary sector. Her career in change management has meant that she has been instrumental in many complex and challenging organisational change projects. 

Lucy is proud to be an associate trainer for The Curly Hair Project (CHP) an award-winning social enterprise which supports people on the autistic spectrum and the people around them. Her work with CHP has driven her passion for Inclusive Change and neurodiversity. 

Lucy is an experienced leader, facilitator and public speaker and has a track record of engaging successfully with a range of audiences.

A new brand based on experience

Established as a new brand in 2020 Inclusive Change is relying on experience gained over 30 years in a range of industries. 

Our ambition is to help individuals achieve their potential and organisations achieve success, in the future workplace, by tapping into the power of neurodiversity. 

We can help organisations explore diversity in the workplace by looking at how policies and procedures impact employees, we can help a business consider how to attract and retain talented staff for the future workplace and create an inclusive culture.

We want to support individuals into the workplace and those in the workplace, we understand some of the challenges and experiences associated with neurodiverse conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Tourettes, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia.  We can provide mentoring to help and we are able to connect with a network to support you.  

Inclusive Change is based in Bristol, UK an incredible location for organisations wanting to explore an inclusive environment. A city that is at the centre of growth in digital technologies, engineering and creative industries with an exciting future. 

“Our team is what makes us a success at Inclusive Change. One of our greatest assets are the people we work with. We are priviledged to be able to work with a network of diverse and skilled associates to deliver projects for clients.”

— Lucy Smith

Director & Founder, Inclusive Change Ltd